MFC Committee

The Choir committee is responsible for all aspects of the organisation of rehearsals and concerts.

Chairman Jane Bolger 01435 874701
Vice Chairman Charlotte Snee  
Treasurer David Hollands 01892 784687
Concert Manager Simon Tayler  
Staging Manager Patricia Balfour 07774 295046
Box Office Sue Thomas  
Registrar Wil Crittenden  
Advertising Wendy Waddington & Keith Willson  
Data Protection Officer Tony Trevillion  

Ex-officio committee members include the music director and the repetiteur & accompanist. The Friends of Music in Mayfield are represented by Len Trevillion.

There are also a great many other supporting roles that members of the Choir take that contribute to its successful running.

Librarian Val Buddle 01435 872229
Website Tony Trevillion  
Archivist Hazel Davie    
Raffle and Catering Organiser Maura Fanshawe    
Programme Managers Keith Willson & Wendy Waddington    
Artists' Manager Annette Nabavi    

The Annual General Meeting of the Choir takes place before a rehearsal in March. The chair of the committee and music director make their reports and the treasurer presents the accounts. New officers are elected to the committee at this time.

MFCS is a registered charity No. 1109434 and is affiliated to Making Music.

Regular communication and dialogue with the committee

Our registrar routinely uses email to contact the members with updates to the rehearsal schedule and other news. Please let her know immediately of any change of address and other contact details.

Contact a member of the committee if you have any questions, problems or comments. The Choir values all suggestions and ideas which could improve its functioning, both musical and organisational.